The packages listed here are to support interaction with the THORChain protocol:

  1. xchain-thorchain-amm:

    • Functions in this module include adding liquidity to pools, swapping assets, calculating prices, providing liquidity, and opening loans.

  2. xchain-thorchain-query:

    • This module offers querying capabilities for various data related to the THORChain protocol.

    • It provides APIs or functions to retrieve information such as transaction details, pool information, asset balances, and more.

    • Querying modules are essential for accessing on-chain data for analysis, monitoring, or integration with external applications.

  3. xchain-midgard:

    • Midgard is THORChain's middleware layer, providing a set of APIs to interact with the THORChain protocol.

    • This module likely provides utilities and functions for interacting with the Midgard API, allowing developers to fetch data from THORChain.

    • Functions may include fetching pool data, asset information, transaction details, and more.

  4. xchain-thornode:

    • The Thornode module is likely responsible for interacting directly with THORChain nodes.

    • It provides functionalities to communicate with THORChain nodes for tasks such as submitting transactions, querying node information, managing validator nodes, and participating in consensus.

  5. xchain-midgard-query:

    • Similar to the xchain-thorchain-query module, this module likely provides querying capabilities specifically tailored to the Midgard API.

    • It offers functions or utilities to retrieve data from Midgard's APIs, including pool information, liquidity metrics, transaction details, and more.

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