The section offers a detailed insight into the underlying mechanisms and operational workflow of the xchain-Bitcoincash blockchain library.

It provides developers with a comprehensive understanding of how they can effectively utilize the library's features and functionalities to interact with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain network.

Third-Party Library

It communicates with Bitcoincash by using @psf/bitcoincashjs-lib

Client URL

  • Mainnet: https://www.blockchain.com/bch

  • Testnet: https://www.blockchain.com/bch-testnet

Explorer URL

Address Generation

By default, the index is 0. - m/44'/145'/0'/0/ for mainnet, m/44'/1'/0'/0/ for testnet

Blockchain-Specific Functions

Additional Functions to Get Fee Information

  • getFeesWithRates

  • getFeesWithMemo

  • getFeeRates

type FeeRate = number
type FeeRates = Record<FeeOptionKey, FeeRate>
type FeesWithRates = { rates: FeeRates; fees: Fees }

getFeesWithRates(memo?: string): Promise<FeesWithRates>
getFeesWithMemo(memo: string): Promise<Fees>
getFeeRates(): Promise<FeeRates>

Scans UTXOs on the Address

scanUTXOs(): Promise<void>

For more information about the API of the package, please click here

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