This section for the XChain Mayamidgard Query library provides developers with a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize the library to interact with the Mayamidgard blockchain network and query blockchain data effectively.

The Mayachain Midgard Query module leverages the Midgard APIs to retrieve data from the Midgard API.

Midgard functions as a layer 2 REST API, furnishing front-end users with consolidated, semi-real-time data and analytics pertaining to the Mayachain network. It serves as a crucial intermediary for most network requests, efficiently managing and handling incoming queries.

By acting as a "read-only slave" to the chain, Midgard alleviates the burden on the network itself, ensuring that its resources remain primarily dedicated to processing transactions. This architectural approach optimizes network performance and resource allocation, enhancing the overall efficiency of the Mayachain ecosystem.

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