Third-Party Library

It communicates with Bitcoin by using bitcoinjs-lib

Client URL

  • Mainnet: https://api.blockchair.com/bitcoin

  • Testnet: https://api.blockchair.com/bitcoin/testnet

Explorer URL

Address Generation

It supports the BIP44 path derivations.

By default, the index is 0. - 84'/0'/0'/0/0 for mainnet, 84'/1'/0'/0/0 for testnet

Blockchain-Specific Functions

Additional Functions to Get Fee Information

  • getFeesWithRates

  • getFeesWithMemo

  • getFeeRates

type FeeRate = number
type FeeRates = Record<FeeOptionKey, FeeRate>
type FeesWithRates = { rates: FeeRates; fees: Fees }

getFeesWithRates(memo?: string): Promise<FeesWithRates>
getFeesWithMemo(memo: string): Promise<Fees>
getFeeRates(): Promise<FeeRates>

Scans UTXOs on the Address

scanUTXOs(): Promise<void>

Peer Dependencies

You can visit the xchain-bitcoin package repository to get the updated peer dependencies by looking at the "devDependencies" object in the "package.json" file.

For more information about the API of the package, please click here

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