This section for the Xchain Ethereum library provides developers with a detailed understanding of the operational workflow and underlying mechanisms of the library. It outlines the steps involved in utilizing the library's features and functionalities to interact effectively with the Ethereum blockchain network.

Third-Party Library

It communicates with Ethereum Chain by using ethers

Client URL

  • Mainnet: https://api.blockchair.com/ethereum, https://api.etherscan.io

  • Testnet: https://api.blockchair.com/ethereum/testnet, https://api-goerli.etherscan.io

Explorer URL


  • Mainnet: homestead

  • Testnet: goerli

Address Generation

It supports the BIP44 path derivations.

By default, the index is 0. - 44/30/0/0

For more information about the API of the package, please click here

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