The section provides an overview of the underlying mechanisms and processes involved in the operation of the xchain-Binance blockchain library. This section aims to give developers a clear understanding of the library's architecture, workflow, and integration points, enabling them to effectively leverage its functionalities in their projects.

It communicates with Binance Chain by using binance-chain/javascript-sdk

Third-Party library

Client URL

  • Mainnet: https://dex.binance.org

  • Testnet: https://testnet-dex.binance.org

Explorer URL

Address Generation

It supports the BIP44 path derivations.

By default, the index is 0. - 44/714/0/0

Blockchain-Specific Functions

Transfer Multi Transactions

type MultiTransfer = {
  to: Address
  coins: Coin[]

type MultiSendParams = {
  address?: Address
  transactions: MultiTransfer[]
  memo?: string

multiSend(params: MultiSendParams): Promise<TxHash>

Get Multi-Transfer Fees

getMultiSendFees(): Promise<Fees>

Peer Dependencies

You can visit the xchain-binance package repository to get the updated peer dependencies by looking at the "devDependencies" object in the "package.json" file.

For more information about the API of the package, please click here

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