How to Use


yarn add @xchainjs/xchain-bsc

Peer Dependencies

You can visit the xchain-bsc package repository to get the updated peer dependencies by looking at the "peerDependencies" object in the "package.json" file.


yarn install
yarn test


import { Client, defaultBscParams, AssetBSC } from "@xchainjs/xchain-bsc"
import { FeeOption } from "@xchainjs/xchain-client"
import { assetToBase, baseToAsset, assetAmount, Asset, Chain  } from "@xchainjs/xchain-util"

Connect Wallet to New Bsc Chain Client

The network default is Mainnet

// Create new Bsc Asset 
const assetRIP: Asset = {
    chain: AssetBSC.chain,
    symbol: `RIP-0x224695ba2a98e4a096a519b503336e06d9116e48`,
    ticker: `RIP`,
    synth: false,
// Create new Bsc Client Instance
const connectWallet =async () => {
    defaultBscParams.phrase = "phrase"
    const bscClient = new Client(defaultBscParams)
    let address = bscClient.getAddress()
    console.log(`Address: ${address}`)
    let isValid = bscClient.validateAddress(address)
    if( isValid === true ){
        try {
            const balance = await bscClient.getBalance(address)
            let assetAmount = (baseToAsset(balance[1].amount)).amount()
            console.log(`With balance: ${assetAmount}`)
        } catch (error) {
            console.log(`Caught: ${error}`)

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